What is Drupal Hosting?

Today, Drupal is one of the popular site management systems. But it’s no secret that our love of CMF requires quite a lot of resources, but we are ready to please you. The Dev-company company has customized the hosting to all the details of the work of CMF Drupal.

Technical characteristics of the server on which your site will "live":

  • Intel® Core ™ i7-4770 Quadcore Haswell with Hyper-Threading Technology
  • RAM - 32 GB DDR

What is your website worth?

  • Linux - Ubuntu
  • Nginx - Latest stable version
  • PHP - 5.5.x with Zend OPcache v7.0.3
  • Php-fpm
  • Memcache
  • Drush is the Drupal console, without it we cannot imagine our work.

Dev-Company - we love Drupal, we live with Drupal!

Why hosting?

Hosting is a service of providing space on the server. In other words, some company offers a place on its servers to host web pages. At the same time, they provide the server with uninterrupted access to the Internet, and with the help of specialized software access to hosted materials.

Good hosting is a reliable storage for all the files on your site and a means of ensuring its correct operation. Therefore, if you want to create a website and not just a website, but a truly full-featured, professional website, then first of all you should think about the quality of the hosting provided. For a serious Internet project, it is better to choose a paid option. Since in addition to providing such a bonus as a domain of the first or second level, a large amount of disk space, paid hosting allows you to upload any files without any restrictions.

The procedure for placing a site on a hosting depends on the type of your site. If your web page is a set of html files, then just copy these files to the hosting, giving the index.html main page. If your site uses a content management system (CMS), then the best option would be to install and configure this system directly on the hosting.


Which hosting to choose?

Free hosting is a free service for placing a web resource or any other information on the Internet on the servers of the hosting provider.

Free hosting has several disadvantages. First of all, this is unstable server operation, which leads to the fact that your site is not accessible for visits. The abilities of free hosting are greatly reduced compared to paid hosting, and therefore they are very slow in work.

Many free hostings do not support the basic technical characteristics that make the site modern and relevant. These companies, as a rule, do not provide technical support.

The disadvantages of free hosting include advertising that your hosting provider places. Often companies provide free hosting to advertise their services.

Thus, giving a brief description of free hosting, we can conclude that for hosting commercial sites paid hosting is more suitable.

In the case of paid hosting - you pay money for the use of disk space and other services. Paid hosting meets all the necessary requirements. You pay the amount determined by your tariff plan. Often, the amount depends on the quality of the services provided, as well as on the chosen hosting provider.

Choosing a quality hosting is an important and responsible task, because your choice can seriously affect the quality of your online project, and the amount of time and effort spent on its support and development.